About Us

Comfort Air was founded right here in South Mississippi, the land of tradition, family, and insanely unpredictable weather. We understand that the forecast can be hot one day and cold the next, that a 30-degree rise or drop in temperature is just another day in the Pine Belt. We also understand that this region is about community, and a customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. A happy customer recommends us at the family reunion and walks into work with a good story about how the air conditioner is fixed.

We want to earn your trust and loyalty by providing quality products and service at competitive prices. We want to come home at the end of the day and wash the hard-earned grit from our hands and tell our families about the customers we served and the connections we made. If you choose to trust us with your business, our mission will be to do our very best because we take great pride in our work. We’ll do our best for ourselves, because our business demands it, and we’ll do our best for our customers, because you deserve it.

We are Comfort Air, dedicated to excellence. Please let us serve you.

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